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From Molecules to Materials

In the Klinger Lab, we focus on the development of nano-structured polymeric materials and colloids with dynamic and responsive properties.

   Our research is inspired by nature's outstanding ability to create very specific (macroscopic) functions through molecular and structural design. To approach similar levels of control in synthetic materials, we work on multiple length scales: Starting from the rational design of molecular units, we develop well-defined polymeric architectures and control their self-assembly into ordered superstructures. Additionally, we focus on  the use of confinements to create additional elements of hierarchcy.

   This multidisciplinary concept brings together methods from polymer chemistry, colloidal chemistry, interfacial physics, pharmaceutical technology, and self-assembly to create new nano-materials that can serve as building blocks for advanced technologies such as drug delivery, photonics, catalysis,  and lithography.                                                                      - read more here



December 2022 - We have a new member in the group: Welcome Otto!


August 2022 - Lucila's paper on seeded polymerization in BCP nanoparticles was selected as HOT paper in Angewandte Chemie. Congrats!


July 2022 - Congratulations to our former PostDoc Dr. Navarro on the double! Two important publications on controlling the colloidal features of striped ellipsoidal BCP nanoparticles are out in ACS Macro Letters and Angewandte Chemie!


June 2022 - Daniel will be talking about our recent research on BCP nanoparticles at BPC 2022 and EPF 2022. Join his talks to learn more.


Mai 2022 - A warm welcome to our new PhD student Willi! He will be working on the delivery of antibiotics to resistant bacteria. Happy to have you on board!


January 2022 - Congratulations to Alex our newest Dr. rer. nat. of the group!


November 2020 - Congratulations to the double by our one and only Dogus: Two manuscripts highlighting the potential of Sulfoxide side groups in polymer materials! Check out the publications for details!




- We have developed two simple post-assembly methods to control the colloidal features of BCP nanoparticles by:

1) Regioeselective seeded polymerization

   Angew. Chem.Int. Ed.2022,e202208084

 2) Solvent annealing

     ACS Macro Letters 2022,11 (3), 329-335


- Check out the potential of sulfoxides in polymer materials by this article from Dogus:

"Thermo-and oxidation-sensitive poly(meth)acrylates based on alkyl sulfoxides: dual-responsive homopolymers from one functional group" published in  Polym. Chem. 2020, 11, 7662-7676.



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Daniel Klinger

Daniel was appointed Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor for Chemical Nano- pharmaceutics) at the Freie Universität Berlin in February 2016.


He is currently working with his group at the Institute of Pharmacy and is developing new synthetic strategies for nanomaterials with applications in such fields as nano- pharmaceutics and materials science.


Daniel is combing his expertise in polymer synthesis, colloidal chemistry, self-assembly and the physics of interfaces to a multidisciplinary research concept. This enables innovative approaches that span from molecular design, synthesis, and characterization to the final application.

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Cover art related to publications from D. Klinger's previous affiliations and the current Klinger Lab.

Join the Team

Are you looking for an opprtunity to join an interdisciplinary research environment? Would you like to be part of a team that develops new synthetic strategies to create functional nanomaterials for a broad range of applications?


We offer the possibility for students from chemistry and pharmacy to carry out doctoral (PhD) and master theses, bachelor thesesresearch internships or projects during their practical year.


Additionally, we encourage motivated postdocs with a strong background in polymer chemistry, colloidal chemistry or related fields to apply at all times.


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